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about us

Tachra Darou

Techra Daroo Company was established by an elite team in the field of health and medicine system in Iran with the aim of sustainable development. The company started its activities in the field of treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases in 2010 by representing the Austrian company Marinomed, and started its movement by basing itself on the principle of following the law and continuing to maintain the quality of services.

At Techra Daroo Company, we are committed to providing continuous and growing communication with stakeholders in the field of health and treatment, providing access to the best community and patients to the best treatment solutions in accordance with standards and guidelines.

In this regard, Techra Daroo Company has tried to provide specialized treatments for complex bacterial and fungal infections of general and respiratory, anesthesia and intensive care, focusing on the registration and supply of specialized drugs in various medical fields such as Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Provide appropriate and effective treatment options for physicians and treatment staff.

The scope of activities of Techra Daroo Company is not limited to the registration and import of drugs made by the companies involved in the contract, but also the company's commitment to the community and the country's health system requires it to help patients in order to improve their medical knowledge. Proper knowledge and awareness of the disease and its treatment, collection and complete reporting of possible side effects of drugs have not and will not spare any effort.

At Techra Daroo Company, by providing an agile, intelligent and stable structure and having a positive and committed attitude towards the health of our dear Iran, we have tried to provide a bed by discovering the capabilities of our employees so that we can work together as a family and work together. The mission of Techra Daroo Company, which is to "create harmony between the human body, mind and soul".